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Fashiozeesta Tip #2: Shoes + Bag =NO

Hello Sunshines!

I’m back again with yet another Fashiozeesta tip.

This time my focus will be on a controversial issue in the fashion world! The subject that separates the ideologies of the fashion industry and is one of the most discussed norm in the world of bloggers, fashion influencers, and aspiring fashionistas. SHOULD SHOES & BAGS MATCH IN COLOR?

(I hope you sensed my sarcasm up there because you should sense that in a lot of a my blog posts!!)

Personally, I don’t encourage it. Why? I find it so tacky, predictable, and boring.

As you can see above, I matched my shoes to my hijab! & my bag was completely different. When styling an outfit, try your best to make it as unique to your personality as possible.

Even the hijab, it doesn’t have to match your outfit. It should make it look more stylish & presentable.

Until next time sweeties 🙂



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