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Fashiozeesta Tip #3: Color Pop Vs Pastel

I’ve always been popular among my friends for being colorful. I always wear something bright even if I’m in all black. I guess it just reflect my bubbly (not always) personality.

My tip this time is even if you’re wearing a mildly colorful dress, don’t be afraid at a little of extra color because why not??

I observe a lot of girls who prefer wearing darker colors with pastel. That ruins the whole point on “popping” the pastel. Try to opt for a bright color that catches everyone’s eye; that makes everyone stop and ask where you got your shoes, dress, or scarf from. See that pair of shoes up there? I always wear it with pastel clothing and every single time I wear it, people notice & compliment my whole outfit.

In conclusion, learn how to balance colors. Too less is boring & too much is tasteless.



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