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Foozeesta Blog #2: Chocoglaze – Dar Al-Salam Mall


I discovered this place completely by chance while out shopping. Dessert places like this one are usually very quick to go viral on social media. However, this one seems to slowly take its sweet sweet time. I was very impressed from the very first sight. I wasn’t planning on even having dessert (or even dinner!) but I just couldn’t resist sitting at this place & trying their desserts. Their service is very quick & staff are friendly and communicative.


What attracted me in the first instance is the decor and furniture, Very creative & unique. It looks like the owner worked really hard on setting up their own signature. I wasn’t a big fan of the cartoon characters; nevertheless, everything went well with each other. Even the waiters’ uniform!!

I really really really really wanted to enjoy that giant teal couch, but they had costumers sitting on it when I arrived. Definitely, going back just to sit on that beautiful couch!!!



The wall murals was also really impressive! I believe the owner is a wanderlust and reflected that passion into their business. The walls were covered with murals on Brussels, New York, Paris, London & Beirut! Beirut!! My hometown 🙂 This place is so girly! Maybe that’s why it hadn’t garnered that much attention yet since most of the food bloggers in Qatar are male 🙂 🙂


 Decadent Ultimate Duo

I ordered the Decadent Ultimate Duo (39 QR). It is a chocolate sponge cake covered in milk & white chocolate. What I liked most about this dessert is that it wasn’t very very sweet. The sponge cake was just that. Sponge cake. No filling, no chocolate chips, no nuts. The melted chocolate was all that mattered. Oh, & that cute syringe filled with decadent chocolate. YUM!!! Highly recommended for the chocolate lovers out there! The portion was also hmmm I won’t say small but … enough! Meaning, you won’t feel bloated after. This was suggested by the (very friendly and smiley) waitress as their best seller.

Meringue Signature… forgot the rest 🙂 (35 QR)

My cousin ordered this one. She is a meringue addict ( I AM NOT!). Her reactions to this one was: WOW! This is also a sponge cake wrapped in a meringue-like cream. Plot Twist? There is ice cream hidden in there 🙂 It also comes with a side of warm melted chocolate & three little blueberries. 

In conclusion, if you are a sugar lover GO GO GO!!

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