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Foozeesta Review #1: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

This coffee shop needs more branches in Qatar. More than Starbucks!

Everything from their baristas, food, desserts, and COFFEE! Oh & did I mention they have the best selection of tea? Even the way tea is prepared and presented is impressive.

My Celine bag and I had a short stop at the The Coffee Bean branch in Al-Mana Towers. It’s definitely going to be a regular one from now on.

The Coffee

My initial sore purpose for dropping by was their Black Forest drink. It is one of my favorite drinks. Unfortunately, the crushed beans they use is out of stock thus I had to opt for my second and only choice. The black. and the black was yum! Very strong just the way I like it. Kodus!

The Breakfast

This is a new menu. Breakfast is very popular in Doha. People here love waking up early! As a result, coffee shops and restaurants compete on who serves the best breakfast in town.

The Coffee Bean’s menu is very interesting. It even had salmon in it. For some reason, I opted for the bacon and egg wrap. Why is this weird? I. Don’t. Eat. Bacon. I barely had two bites.

The presentation is nice though for a coffee shop that doesn’t usually serve breakfast.

The Desserts

Oh my YUM!! The barista actually helped me pick out their best sellers. She was right!

The Red Velvet was amazing, So light. All the red velvet cakes I’ve had so far were always heavy and too sweet. This was just perfect.

The Blueberry Cheese cake is also highly recommended. I always have a maximum of 3 or 4 bites of cheesecake because of the cheese texture. (Not a big fan of dairy). But this one was irresistible. The taste of dairy was not even detectable!

Here you go, my very first review. I chose an easy one as I am clearly an amateur with criticizing food. However, I eat a LOT. So there will be many food posts to come 🙂



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