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Foozeesta Review #3: Urban Jazz Kitchen – The Pearl

Warning: This blog post contains many, many pictures!

Since I work at the American School of Doha, I’ve been Americanized in an indirect way. Whether I like it or not, I am celebrating their holidays.

This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend! and it is a (it’s still ongoing) a long one. A 4-day one!!! Therefore, I decided to enjoy it as much as I can. With Food. Of course with food! Come on, it’s thanksgiving!

Which bring me to my main topic. My review on Urban Jazz Café at The Pearl.

I Just realized that I should have taken a picture of their grand entrance. So I will just borrow it from a fellow Intagramer:


Beautiful place, isn’t it? Those colorful “tents” have couches inside for those wanting their privacy. Below is a quick snapshot:


I visited this place twice this weekend. The first was for brunch and the second for dinner because I had to experience their night ambience. And oh my was it lovely. There was barely anyone so it was quiet and serene. I even sat very comfortably for a public place!!


Very Comfortable!! 🙂

The Brunch

From the moment I walked in, I was very impressed with their décor. I really appreciate owners who entertain every aspect of their costumer needs. They had regular tables, couches, outdoor tents, and a terrace! I was instantly in love with their couches! It matched my personal aesthetic. Modern Vintage! Love it! Below are few photos:

Now to the food!

I ordered Crispy Chicken & Avocado Burger (65 QR). It is just a regular chicken burger but with the addition of coleslaw inside the burger. Lebanese usually prepare burgers this way so I was impressed. The chicken was juicy and the burger was HUGE! I had to cut it into pieces in order to bite. It comes with French fries in a basket. They also offer two sauces, ketchup and mayonnaise mixed with pickles (yum!). One downside were the buns; it was not fresh. It looked and tasted like they used the ones from the previous day. If you’re not a fan of avocado like myself, you can have it on the side for someone else to have.


A closer look at my order:


My friend order the Spicy Arrabbiata ( 35 QR). It is prepared with Spaghetti w/ Garlic seasoned with tomatoes & red chili peppers in olive oil & parmesan cheese. Although my friend said it wasn’t spicy, it was!!! It comes with a slice of garlic bread. It wasn’t heaven and it wasn’t bad. It was a regular spaghetti…


I also ordered an appetizer, the Arabic Mixed Platter (50QR). It comes with Cheese Rokakat (basically fried spring roll with cheese inside), Spinach Fatayer, Meat Sambosik, & Hummus. To be honest I ordered it for the Hummus 🙂 The platter was good. Cheese Rokakat tasted homemade which means it was delicious! What I liked about this platter was the level of salt. It was just enough. This appetizer is good for 2 persons since the portions were somehow small.


Now to the drinks! I ordered the Pomegranate Italian Soda (18 QR) which was sooo sweet!!! I couldn’t continue so I switched with my friend’s order, the Mixed Berry Mojito (25QR). It was sweet & sour at the same time and really really cold since it was blended with crushed ice. Not your regular mojito indeed! Very refreshing. No wonder it is their bestseller.


The Dinner

Not many people prefer to visit the same restaurant two days in a row. But the privacy of the tents really made me come back another time with my family.

I ordered the magnificent Shish Taouk Urban Espetada! (yes, with an exclamation mark!) (80 QR) I loved it! The portions were huge! The chicken was marinated really well. It was grilled and my was it grilled to the point where it is still moist and juicy! I always though Nandos prepared the best Espetadas but this was much much better. It comes with Kabsa Rice (My sister cooks the best Kabsa rice and she was impressed), fries, garlic sauce, and another sauce that was just OMG (Crying face over here! So Good!). I highly recommend this platter. It is a must have!


 I also ordered the Pink Lemonade (22 QR). It is also recommended for all those who lemonade fans out there!

I also tried my  mom’s order, Alfredo (45 QR). It made of mushroom cream sauce & parmesan cheese. She added chicken for (10 QR). Also highly recommended for all those pasta addicts. It is not heavy on the stomach and the portion was big!


That’s it for now my loves! Please check out their menu on Zomato and do not hesitate to visit them.



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