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Foozeesta Review #4: Chac’Late – Katara

This will be a somehow short blog as I am planning on going back to try their breakfast menu!


I’ve wanted to visit this place for a long time. & finally I did. What surprised me the most about this place are the prices. So cheap compared to other Katara restaurants. Kodus!

I ordered the Medovnik cake which is a Czech Republic – Prague specialty. My expectation was that it would be very sweet with layers of sugar cream. I was wrong. The cake was not very sweet. Therefore, I added the melted chocolate. OH. MY. GOD. (cries inside because I want to go back right now. RIGHT NOW). Highly recommended for the chocolate lovers reading this post.


They also have a breakfast menu, a wide variety of waffles, assorted drinks, and of course, coffee.

Definitely going back soon just to try their breakfast menu & sit in their outdoor seats.

Below are some photos of their indoor decor:






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