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Last Minute NYE Outfit Ideas – For those who just realized NYE is just around the corner

Why do I feel like it was just December 30, 2015!!! How the &^%# is it already December 30, 2016 !!!

Anyways, here are last minute NYE looks for y’all who just realized NYE is less than 48 hours away.


If you’re just too busy (or lazy) to stress about what to wear for NYE, just go for the monochrome. It is classy, easy to wear, and very compatible with NYE’s motif. Below are outfit ideas for the lazy, the chic, and the hijabi.

Lady in Red

I am one quarter Chinese. So, of course I adore the color red 🙂 I am sure everyone of us have a red outfit in their closets. Below are some inspirational looks for a last minute NYE party:

Velvet Luxe

I am not a huge fan of Velvet. However, if worn wisely, it can instantly transform a dull outfit. For example, in the first picture below, the color choice is smart. In the second, it was used as a coat and in the third picture, I mean come on, those pumps are so sexy!

Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle!

Even if an event comes up out of nowhere, a lady should always make a statement with her look. In this case, why not shimmer all the way! There are several stages of shimmering beauty: Stage One, just a simple sparkle; Stage Two, all the way high shine tunic; Stage Three, designer baby!

I hope you enjoyed, and liked, my ideas.

Have a fabulous NYE and an awesome 2017, everyone ❤


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