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My 3 Fashion Trends Predictions of 2017

I know that every fashion girl out there is probably looking forward to the next huge fashion statement of 2017. Last year, chokers and off-shoulder tops were everywhere & everyone wanted to wear them. Here are some predicted trends of 2017:

  1. Statement Sleeves

    Really looking forward to this look! It can be applied to all sorts of clothing. Tops,

  2. sweaters, dresses, blazers, shirts, and even maxi dresses. I already have one that I bought from Zara & I’m planning on purchasing more clothing with this style.

2. White Shoes

Minimalism in shoes. White is making its come back without being too loud. Whether you choose to wear sneakers such as Puma, sandals like Boss, or some fancy white flats from Christian Louboutin. What I like about this trend is the twist. Wear white sneakers with a little black dress and voila, your look is completely different yet still trendy. Make sure that the sneakers you’re wearing have a certain edge like cool shoe laces or embelished with stickers or emojis. In fact, white shoes matches everything and yes, I insist, everything.

3. Political Slogans

2017 is a year of politics. Fashionistas want their voices heard through their style and designers through their runways.

Until my next post 🙂


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