Think Positive!

I’ve been struggling with positivity for a while now and while people perceive me as an extremely happy and positive person, I could be a little harsh on myself.

Yes, silent competitiveness & the struggle for perfection are two of my bitter-sweet traits and that could lead to negative thoughts. Therefore, I decided that I would live a year of utter positivity commencing May 9 (which happens to be my birthday but that is not my point here).

For 365 days I will:

1- Appreciate everything that will happen and is already going on in my life

2- Be thankful for every single person currently in my life. They are all here for a either a lesson or a blessing and both are appreciable

3- Turn any negative thought into a positive one. No matter what. (because come on, I am human not a robot so negative thoughts are going to come through)

4- Read happy & positive books and articles

5- Help others see the positive side of any downside

6- Avoid negative connotations

7- Dream big. Why not?

Next year, specifically in May 2018, I will share the result of this plan and the impact of utter positivity!

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What happens before I sleep? (It could inspire you too..)

So lately, I’ve been suffering from writers’ block (shall we call it bloggers’ block?).

So much drama happened in the past couple of months and right now all I can think about is sleep. I’ve been sitting here for the past hour not feeling excited about blogging on the topics I have prepared in my notebook. I yawn sleepily and suddenly realize why don’t I blog on my favorite current pastime, SLEEPING. Even better, what happens before I sleep! The content below is actually my health/beauty routine so if you’re a male feel free to skip ahead 🙂

Here we go

  1. No dinner: Yes, I don’t eat anything past 6 pm. I just drink lots and lots of water.
  2. Yoga: Just started this and it really helped me with insomnia and anxiety so far. I even sleep better.
  3. Remove makeup: I bought this amazing product in Sephora on a whim and it is definitely one of my best beauty decisions: The Original MakeUp Eraser. It is absolutely wonderful for just a towel. Removes makeup completely without irritating the skin.s1702950-main-Lhero
  4. Cleanse: I use the FOREO for this step. This is another winner product. My skin never felt so smooth! I use it with a drop of facewash for twice the effect. s1816081-main-Lhero
  5. Moisturize: I use two products for this step. The first is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. My face is now more radiant and refreshing thanks to this product. It is apparently the number one repair serum! I use circular motion to really blend it into my skin. The second step is the actual moisturizer. It is a Filipino brand but works really well on my skin! The Myra Vitasmooth Hydrating Facial Moisturizer. It is loaded with vitamin E which really helps with my complexion.
  6. Eye Treatment: Hands down. The best eye cream I’ve tried so far. My dark circles have been reduced thanks to this baby! s1632181-main-Lhero
  7. Body breather: Moisturizing my body is very important to me. I suffer from dry skin due to Qatar’s extreme weather so I use the Creme 21 Body Lotion for Ultra Dry Skin. Now, my skin is not THAT dry but I like to treat it as such for smoother skin.13424-01
  8. Spray that bed: yes, let that bed smell cozy and fresh as I sleep! I usually use lavender based fragrances

Now, it’s time for me to go through what I just listed and head to bed!

Goodnight ❤

The week I happily gained weight!

Every year, and for the past 8 years, a very exciting event occurs at the end of the “Winter Season”. Qatar International Food Festival. What I love about this event is that it gets better every year. This year was cozy, unique, & delicious!

Since every. single. blogger, and, influence, and photographer, and food lover have been there eating, enjoying the fresh air, and capturing absolutely breathtaking photos , I decided to join the tide and give you all my side of the story 🙂

What to Eat??

Silly question, right 🙂 What I loved about this year’s edition is that it catered to everyone. There were hotels, chains, and most importantly, local businesses.

Of hotels I enjoyed: W Hotel, La Cigale, & Retaj. My favorite yummilicious chains were Ocean Basket, Shake Shack, Nandos, & Jollibee! The local businesses I tried so far are Yummy Delicious, Burger 3altayer (pronounced Altayer), Violette Chocoletier, Churros Spot, Pistacolate, Arnag, and Minis-Doha. Now you know how I gained weight!

The local businesses are what impressed me the most. Here are few recommendations:

  • Yummy Delicious: Lotus Dolce Cake. Bonus: A dreamy booth! Very photogenic
  • Arnag: YUMM!!! Chicken wings! I also heard their burgers are delicious. The long queues says it all.
  • Burger 3altayer: Signature burger. Homemade. ’nuff said.
  • Minis-Doha: Ask for their Samoy fries. I’ll keep it a surprise.
  • Churros Spot: Nutella Churros.

What to Do?

  • Sit on the hill and enjoy the view
  • High Tea (Sheraton). 90 QR only for a generous selection
  • Evergreen Organics. The hut is too adorable to ignore
  • Fireworks. 8 pm everyday! Hurry! April 8th is the last day
  • Selfies. Splash fountain, QIFF Logo, and QIFF wall of plates.
  • Dinner in the Sky. 500 QR
  • Eat. Duh

Pictures to encourage you to visit ( or go back again)

Ps. I am not a professional photographer nor am I trying to be one 🙂

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Last day is April 8th so hurry up!!!


A unicorn’s road to success.. What is yours?

Well, as I’m starting off this blog post, it has no title. The reason is, I don’t want to sound like a motivational speaker. I am sharing what I think my road to success looks like to inspire whoever’s reading this blog post to come up with their own road to where ever they want to go!

We all want be something, reach somewhere, achieve happiness, reach euphoria, and make our lives worth it.

For me, I want to create something that inspires others and makes them smile and be happy. That’s my goal.

To get there, here is what I think I should be (or am!) doing.

  1. Believe: I know this sounds cliche but it is true. I truly think that believing (really really believing without any doubt), we will achieve what I want. I’ve tried it and it always works. The key here is to erase any sort of doubt, insecurity, or mockery of self.
  2. Help others: By doing that, I receive two positive results in return: One, good karma – nuff said – and two, the ability to pay it forward. This chain doesn’t end; trust me.
  3. It is okay to fail: Okay, I added this part to accentuate the fact that there is no such thing as failure. Sure, roadblocks will always be there but failure? No way! It is perfectly fine to cry and whine and feel insecure but after that, I have some cake (or any other comfort food) and move on.
  4. Learn and Read: I Learn from my mistakes and from others. In the past, it was hard for me to learn from my own mistakes but when I say how others looked like while going through the same mistakes I went through, that put my head together. That is good advise. Write that down 🙂
  5. Compare yourself to others: I mean, why not? I know all books and speakers always say do not compare yourself to others but I disagree. We are humans so we will always keep comparing ourselves to other’s successes and achievements. Always. Personally, I do it all the time but in a positive way. The only exception here is the physical comparison. I avoid it at all costs because I am a unicorn obsessed with dream catchers; that’s why 🙂 🙂

So here you go. This is how my road looks like. What does your look like?

Magical Festival Village

For the second in a row the Magical Festival Village is back!

It’s been going on for a while but I finally got a chance to blog about it today. They are currently operational until the end of this month.

What I loved about this year’s event is how rich it is compared to last year. The decoration is very inspirational, the design and organization are impeccable (last year was a mess), and the food and retail shops are much more interesting (& delicious!)

Additionally, this year, there are rides for children, young adults, and crazy adults (like myself) to enjoy. There is also a live shows; check out their website

The major addition this year is the castle!!!! Last year’s castle was hilariously disappointing. It was made of carton? and it was only built for pictures-taking. This year, there is actually a cafe inside: The Alice Cafe. I haven’t tried it yet due to personal issues but it is on my list before they close for business!!!!

Below are some pictures to encourage you to visit the venue before time runs out!!!!  And again, I am not trying to prove myself as a photographer 🙂



Here are some photos from their official Instagram page:

Sabah w Masa : A Man’ooshe sized portal to Lebanon


I struggled for a long time looking for a place that served authentic Lebanese food on the go in a clean and fresh way. Yes, it is a struggle for us. We love our food! I am still looking for that perfect Lebanese Knefe that we have for breakfast! Yes, breakfast 🙂

A while ago, I discovered this place called Sabah W Masa. They serve Lebanese food with several varieties. Now, whenever I crave mana’eesh, I order from there. The options range from the traditional zaatar and cheese to vegetable options. One of my highly recommended ones is the Falafel! OMG! You can order it flat and enjoy it as a pizza.

A while ago I had breakfast there and ordered some of their other varieties such as the Batata Harra, Kafta w Jebne, Falafel, and Fatteh bil Laban.

Batata Harra


At our household, we usually prepare it with Coriander. I guess they either ran out of it or forgot to add that ingredient…. Either way, it was okay but very oily. I don’t mind the oil as long as there’s coriander to alter the taste! Please don’t forget that next time!

Kafta w Jebne


I absolutely love this! It’s prepared with Kebab mixed with cheese, slices of tomatoes and drizzled with Mayo. Absolutely delicious. Highly recommended.



Served with Tarator sauce, their falafel is juicy and perfectly seasoned. Not dry at all! Really enjoyed it!

Fatteh Bil Labban


For those who are not familiar with this dish, it is made of yogurt, chickpeas, toasted bread, garlic, and butter. Then it is drizzled with fried pine seeds, cumin, and peprika. I am not a fan of this dish but my friend loved it very much. If you are a fan of yogurt, this is go-to dish for sure!

They are located in AL-Muthanna Complex opposite Jarir Bookstore and in The Pearl. Check them out in Zomato!


The Girl on the Train: The ending that disappointed me

At the beginning of this year, I made a vow to myself to read more books. I know I said I will read books related to business and entrepreneurship but I found myself more drawn to thrillers. Don’t ask me why! Mind you, I am still reading business books slowly and on the side.

So I started with the bestseller The Girl on the Train. The film version of the book was debuted in October 2016 which I am about to watch just after I finish this blog post.

I remember when I read Gone Girl and found the book so fascinating for one reason: it pissed me off. I enjoy thrillers with plots and endings that make me angry. This book did its job in making me angry but not in a good way. Let me tell you why:


The book is written in a first person narrative from the point of view of three women: Rachel (The manic ex-wife), Megan (The victim/mistress), & Anna (The mistress/new wife). I am not going to go into details of the book just in case you’re currently reading it so I will just describe each woman and what she made me feel:

Rachel: She is the ex wife who got dumped by her husband for Anna. Her character is sad, pathetic, and self-loathing. Reading her point of view depressed me. My mood was affected by  her in a really bad way. I felt like reaching into her through the book just to slap some sense into her! If you don’t like negative people, avoid this book at all costs.

Megan: She is the “victim”. The one who went missing. The one the book is all about. I felt sorry for this character. Yes, she is a cheater, a mistress, and a bad wife. However, she came from a very painful past where her brother, who was also her best friend, died at the young age of 15. I looked forward to the chapters with her point of view because there is always a clue into who killed her.

Anna: This character is a B****!!! She is the definition of women who are so self-centered they think that the whole world owes them their existence. However, I don’t think the author wrote her character properly. By the end of the book, she was kind of the hero. Not convincing and very cliche.

Now why did the book piss me off??? THE ENDING. It was disappointing and predictable. As I said before, I like endings that make me angry in a way that I would not expect the turn of events. This one built up the tension so high then ruined it with the last couple of chapters.

In conclusion, if you’re curious about the movie, read the book first. Other than that, avoid it. It will just disturb your mood while reading it!

Next book: The Secret History by Donna Tartt


Damasca One – Souq Waqif: Take me back to Syria!

I love this restaurant for one reason. Well, there are other ones as well but for the most part it reminds me of Syria. I remember when I used to visit Syria just to have lunch or dinner. During my high school days, it was an annual event to visit Syria for a weekend or just for a quick Suhoor during Ramadan.

I’ve been wanting to visit Damasca One for a long time and I finally did. The whole ambiance truly felt like I was back in those old and dusty but amazingly historic alleyways. They even sell food in mini trucks alongside the restaurant with the seller yelling out words that just felt like being in Syria for a moment.

Their food is also very delicious. Syrians are well known for their food quality and the tendency for the homemade vibe. Damasca One definitely served that well.

The Hummus with meat was well done. I’ve had better but come one, just the idea of hummus is making me hungry right now.


The Grilled Boneless Chicken was absolutely delicious. The best I’ve had so far in Doha. The chicken was juicy, tender, and perfectly seasoned.  I think I’ll keep going  back just to order it again. One downside is that it is overly priced compared to other restaurants (108 QR).

grilled chicken.jpg

Damasca One Mixed grill was also impressive. It consisted of lamb skewer, shish tawook, meat kebab, and chicken. They were all tender, juicy and cooked just the right way. Although it was overpriced, I did not regret ordering it.

grill mix.jpg

Oh, and their Shisha is really really really goooood!!!!

Cheers 🙂


Glam Glow Mud Masks Review

all-mudI’ve been using those 3 products for a while now & I must say, despite all the negative vs positive hype, I’m loving them. They all leave my skin glowing and smooth. I have combination skin but more on the oily side so those products comes in very handy mid week when I’m stressed and my face feels like it hasn’t showered for days. Yes, showered not washed. Trying to explain what it feels like for an oily-faced girl to be stressed. This brand has been around for a while now but it looks like it hasn’t caught that much attention in Qatar. What really impressed me is that it is actually made of MUD.

Now let me explain what each product is all about:

Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

Youth mud.jpgGood for normal, oily, combination, and dry skin. IT IS NOT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. If you suffer from wrinkles and/or uneven texture then this is your product.

The purpose of this product is to brighten and soften your facial skin in as little as 10 minutes. It moisturizes and exfoliates at the same time. This product also tingles like hell. If you’re very susceptible to pain then you can either toughen up or just forget about purchasing this one. I remember the first time I tried this on my face I started dancing like a crazy person because it hurt!! Anyway, it was worth it. My skin was left soooo soft, smooth, and tight. Yes, tight. Like I’m 10 years younger again 🙂 well, at least for the next 24 hours.

Recommend using this during the weekend to clear your skin from a whole week of stress and accumulated dirt.


Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment
thirsty mud.jpg Good for normal, oily, combination, and dry skin. I would personally recommend this for sensitive skin but please try it first on a small part of your face before going all aboard.

What I really love about this is the extreme moisture. I mean, wow did my face just drink water! Once the mask is off, it feels like my face is breathing on its own. That sweet barely there tingly feeling like you just spent the day at the spa. It also leaves the skin as smooth as baby. This one does not exfoliate; therefore, it can be used 2-3 times a week. One downside, the smell was not so….accepting to say the least.

Recommend using it during the week. Twice if you feel like it.


Supermud Clearing Treatment


Good for normal, oily, & combination. THIS IS NOT FOR SENSITIVE AND DRY SKIN.

This product is designed to clear the complexion such as acne, pores, blemishes and oiliness. I suffer from pores and oiliness so it worked perfectly for me. Whenever I used it, my skin felt clear, clean, and renewed. You can also only use it for the T-Zone and extend just above the eyebrows. It can also be used as a daily moisturizer or just apply it over the troubled areas overnight and you could wake up to magic. Trust me.

Recommended for every other day use in rotation with the Thirstymud explained above.


They are all available in Sephora and cost the same; around 300 QR (70$) A little pricey but worth the try. Just choose wisely.

Visit their website

Enjoy 🙂

Magnolia Bakery – Sweet, Savory, & Sassy


Magnolia Bakery was all about sugar, sugar, and only sugar. I still remember their old menu when it only consisted of cakes, cupcakes, other assorted desserts, and beverages. It was always enough. I never asked for more.

However, I was happy when they finally started to expand their menu slowly with just basic breakfast and now they have a complete savory menu. Just like love. Don’t they say that you fall in love slowly then all at once?

Their menu now includes salads, biscuit sandwiches (A MUST TRY!!! TRUST ME! OK? OK? OK!), regular sandwiches, skillets, and pasta.

I recently attended an event for their new menu tasting and here are the items I loved:

Pulled Beef Biscuit: 

This is by landslide my favorite dish. I don’t want to try anything else. Call me selfish; I don’t care. This is amazing. It is basically pulled beef in between two cheddar black pepper biscuits. Highly recommended!

pulled beef.jpg

Lemon Mint Fizz:

I always prefer ordering lemonade whenever I’m out for lunch. This ones is really well made. Not too sweet. Not too sour. Just perfect. Very refreshing. This will be my go to drink during Doha’s hot summer days.














Penne Milano (It is actually Fettuccine on their menu):

This is a good one as well. Served with creamy sauce, herb grilled chicken, and sun dried tomatoes. The thing with pasta is that it is either very salty or served sans salt. Both cases are annoying as hell. However, this one tasted just en point. Another recommended dish.


Magnolia Desserts don’t need a review. I mean, come on. How thick would I be if I did that. I will just share the photo below and leave you drooling on your shirt. Maybe on your pillow tonight if you were lucky enough to dream of Magnolia Bakery!


Next time, from their new menu I’ll be trying the Torta Espanola, Bacon & Onion Nola Pie, and the Apple Dutch Baby. Of course, while sitting at their outdoor seating at their Mall of Qatar Branch.