a little less kindness.. a little more judgment

Yes, you read the title right….

Unfortunately, as much as I work hard on leading a positive and kind life, I am constantly faced with negativity and judgment.

For as far as I can remember, I have always been judged for who I am, for how I look, for the way I dress, for the way I speak, for my mentality, for my personality, for my capabilities, and for my decision making process. Even my closest friends and family feed off the pleasure of judging every word I speak or every item of clothing I wear.

The result? Low self esteem and much much later in life, the power to turn it all around into an extremely confident, positive, happy life.

Yes, I admit, I used to also be an extremely judgmental person as well during my young adult years, however, I worked hard on myself and learned to keep my mouth shut if it wants to utter unkind words. It is difficult. I am not perfect.

Recently, when trying to be compassionate and empathetic to a friend, I was immediately judged into being an idiot and was kindly advised to mind my own business…. What a disappointing world we have come to. I wasn’t mad or upset by her unkind words, I was rather forced to remind myself that no one will completely understand your intentions but yourself. Trying to help with words has, unfortunately, become a nuisance.

The whole point of this post if you’ve come across it is to NEVER respond to judgment with unkindness. No matter what, it is very important to protect your peace of mind. To do that, always be kind. No matter what, do not mirror negative thoughts, actions, and words.

We all need a little more kindness & and a lot less judgment.



Focus on the good.

I made a pact to myself.

On the eve of January 01 2019.

I told myself, Zeinab, you need to start focusing on the good

Life, itself, is not worth all this overthinking.

You need to expect the good to receive that goodness.

The very first step to that road: always expect the good from people.

I know it sounds gullible. I know that the world is filled with envy, hate, disappointment, selfishness, and self pity.

But that doesn’t matter. What matters is my perception. My mindset.

Regardless of the outcome. I choose to expect the good. See the good. Understand the good side. Love the goodness in people not matter how diminished.

This year. I will focus on the good.

Are you tired of reading the word good?

I believe it is time to revaluate your mindset.

It will be good for you

I promise



What Happened to Zee?

Hey world

SO! I just realized that I haven’t blogged for almost 7 months. Well, the reason behind that is because my partners and I opened our cafe in the Philippines Vintage Brew Cafe on January 20th 2018 and ever since then it has been a rollercoaster. So far, it’s been challenging, mind blowing, humbling, exhausting, amazing, and absolutely fantastic.

The reality is owning a business is not all glamour and wealth. It is hard work, causes mental illness, and extremely exhausting especially when I also hold a very busy full time day job IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. However, I do recommend that anyone with the ability (even the slightest) to hold their ground and own a business. I mean, why not?

Anyways, I will be sharing photos and details of my cafe and might even add a category just for updates and business tips that I learned/would learn along the way. Let me know if you are interested in the comments below!

Otherwise, everything is still the same.

More to come



Blogging Hiatus

So, for the past few months, I haven’t been blogging much. I had plans to draft many, many posts during the summer break since I wasn’t travelling; however, I did none of that. The first reason behind it was because May & June were extremely stressful months for me. My brain was literally fried. I had a hard time making decisions, thinking straight, and even remembering names!

I needed a break. A break from reading. A break from thinking. A break from planning. Basically anything that required effort. I know, I know, blogging should be easy because it’s my passion… but, come on, it DOES require effort 🙂

The second reason was that I had a hard time even brainstorming. I usually blog from home sitting in bed; now I’m thinking to make it habit of doing it somewhere else. At a cafe or something. So! I need YOUR help! If you have any ideas of how to find my “Zen” space for blogging let me know in the comments below 🙂

Nevertheless, if you feel like taking a break from writing/blogging (or from anything else in your life) then why not? Don’t think too much, it is not worth it.

Cheers 🙂 !

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Think Positive!

I’ve been struggling with positivity for a while now and while people perceive me as an extremely happy and positive person, I could be a little harsh on myself.

Yes, silent competitiveness & the struggle for perfection are two of my bitter-sweet traits and that could lead to negative thoughts. Therefore, I decided that I would live a year of utter positivity commencing May 9 (which happens to be my birthday but that is not my point here).

For 365 days I will:

1- Appreciate everything that will happen and is already going on in my life

2- Be thankful for every single person currently in my life. They are all here for a either a lesson or a blessing and both are appreciable

3- Turn any negative thought into a positive one. No matter what. (because come on, I am human not a robot so negative thoughts are going to come through)

4- Read happy & positive books and articles

5- Help others see the positive side of any downside

6- Avoid negative connotations

7- Dream big. Why not?

Next year, specifically in May 2018, I will share the result of this plan and the impact of utter positivity!

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A unicorn’s road to success.. What is yours?

Well, as I’m starting off this blog post, it has no title. The reason is, I don’t want to sound like a motivational speaker. I am sharing what I think my road to success looks like to inspire whoever’s reading this blog post to come up with their own road to where ever they want to go!

We all want be something, reach somewhere, achieve happiness, reach euphoria, and make our lives worth it.

For me, I want to create something that inspires others and makes them smile and be happy. That’s my goal.

To get there, here is what I think I should be (or am!) doing.

  1. Believe: I know this sounds cliche but it is true. I truly think that believing (really really believing without any doubt), we will achieve what I want. I’ve tried it and it always works. The key here is to erase any sort of doubt, insecurity, or mockery of self.
  2. Help others: By doing that, I receive two positive results in return: One, good karma – nuff said – and two, the ability to pay it forward. This chain doesn’t end; trust me.
  3. It is okay to fail: Okay, I added this part to accentuate the fact that there is no such thing as failure. Sure, roadblocks will always be there but failure? No way! It is perfectly fine to cry and whine and feel insecure but after that, I have some cake (or any other comfort food) and move on.
  4. Learn and Read: I Learn from my mistakes and from others. In the past, it was hard for me to learn from my own mistakes but when I say how others looked like while going through the same mistakes I went through, that put my head together. That is good advise. Write that down 🙂
  5. Compare yourself to others: I mean, why not? I know all books and speakers always say do not compare yourself to others but I disagree. We are humans so we will always keep comparing ourselves to other’s successes and achievements. Always. Personally, I do it all the time but in a positive way. The only exception here is the physical comparison. I avoid it at all costs because I am a unicorn obsessed with dream catchers; that’s why 🙂 🙂

So here you go. This is how my road looks like. What does your look like?

Twenty Facts About Me :)

I thought it would be a good time for me to open up to all of you and give you 20 facts about me so the next time you read my blog or “like” my Instagram picture, you’re more familiar with the person behind all that.

  1. I’m a hybrid. Dad is Lebanese & mom is from the Philippines.
  2. I speak 3 languages fluently. Arabic, English, and Tagalog. I am also a beginner in Spanish & French. Honestly speaking, my Tagalog is not fluent but I can converse normally with people. I started learning Spanish few years back by buying books and CDs but I got caught up with life and never continued. It is still on my list though. I was also taught French during middle school and high school as well as in college. However, I have no idea why I never picked up the language fluently (Hint: My teachers were awful).
  3. Nobody has ever guessed my age correctly.
  4. I was born in the Philippines, spent my childhood in UAE, moved to Lebanon when I was 12 then to Qatar in 2012.
  5. I don’t have a favorite color, food, or anything.
  6. I get bored easily.
  7. I am an avid tv series addict. I currently have a list of 30 shows that I watch.
  8. I love helping people even if I dislike the person.
  9. I enjoy reading books & yes, I don’t have a favorite genre.
  10. I have an addiction and its name is Sephora.
  11. I currently work at the American School of Doha as a Senior HR Advisor and I love my workplace (knock-wood).
  12. Food relaxes me. So if you happen to catch me with a bad mood, give me food and I’ll be smiling again like a baby.
  13. I am borderline OCD (Not clinically). I love being organized and can’t function if an issue is not in order inside my brain. I lecture those around me who are messy.
  14. I like collecting stuff. Sunglasses, bags, wallets, makeup, perfumes, scarfs, shoes, and sticky notes. Yes, all that.
  15. I am obsessed with stationery. OBSESSED!
  16. To strangers, I am silent and introverted. However, once I am comfortable with someone, I am the complete opposite. My family & friends call me crazy & weird.
  17. I don’t believe in dieting. It is stressful and life is too short for that.
  18. I LOVE Dream Catchers. If you are not familiar with them, google it.
  19. My most common phrases are: Google it & I’m hungry.
  20. I respect luxury cars. For instance, I give them way on the road because they deserve it 🙂

Want more, maybe next time 😉 It is bed time for me now!



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My Self-Improvement Plan for 2017

2017 is my year. For the first time ever, my heart skips a beat whenever I say the year “2017”. I feel like I am finally home. Let me put this way: It feels the same as when you first step out of your hotel balcony overlooking an amazing scenery.

This year, my goal is to be better mentally, emotionally, and physically. Every year, I mentally list what I plan on achieving. Some I accomplish, some not. That’s life. However, since I’ll be blogging this year, why not share them. My list might inspire you to create your own goals/achievements for 2017.

I will call this list my self-improvement plans for 2017 🙂

  1. Exercise Daily: I know, I know.. this is a common goal for probably half the population of the earth, buuuuuuut it is a legit goal. Why not? For me, I have a treadmill in my bedroom kicking at my conscious every single day. I bought it for a reason last year and I’m planning on honoring that. I will not set a goal weight. I will simply focus on improving my health and body. I know by time, routine will kick in and I’ll go back to slacking. This time, I am allowing my OCD skills to kick in and I’ll be setting a plan. I will watch my favorite shows while exercising. Thus, every time I step on the treadmill, I’ll be excited about the next episode instead of whining over being lazy. Furthermore, I will be walking and/or running on that treadmill for a maximum of 45 minutes. (If you’re smart enough, you’ll know that most show run between 20 to 40 minutes).
  2. Read 12 books: Each month, I will read one book. As simple as that. This year I’ll be focusing on self improvement books particularly in the business/entrepreneurial field.
  3. Daily Positives: At the end of each day, I will write down in my journal one positive thing that happened that day.
  4. Budget my Expenses: Truth be told that I can be a borderline splurge. I love makeup, clothes, food, coffee etc etc. Most importantly, I love spoiling the people who are dear to me with little treats. This year I plan to continue on doing all that but wisely.
  5. Visit a New Country: My dad is overprotective. However, I don’t know how or when or where yet but I will be visiting a new country this year.
  6. Closet Purge: Another brand new goal for me is to clean up my space. This month, I will be cleaning out all the clothes, shoes, and other “stuff” that I no longer use.
  7. Bucket-list: I’ll be listing down that “stuff” that I need to buy, accomplish, finish, gain, start, etc this year.

Well, so far, here is my self-improvement plan for this year. I will let you know by January 1, 2018 how it all went 🙂

Mini little tip: Buy a notebook. Create your own list and plan! Draw, doodle, list, anything!!! Just grab a pen and a notebook and write down what you want.





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Why Am I here?

I’ve been asking myself this question for the past couple of days. Why am I blogging? Where am I getting all this energy from?

I tried blogging in the past. I’ve created several social media accounts but all failed within a month. I would get bored easily and just give up. However, this time, it feels personal. It feels like a need. I feel like I’m doing something for myself; something I am passionate about. I even have a business idea. I’m reading books about management and entrepreneurship.

They say everything happens for a reason and that is something I sincerely believe in. Today, I found the answer. I am here because I got my heart-broken and I realized that the only way to heal is to love myself. This blog is a distraction from the chaos in my heart but it is creating a brand new mind. I am finally thinking about my future instead of the past. This is what I’ve always wanted to do: Share my love for food and my unique sense of style in fashion. I truly believe that something big and important and successful will come out of this blog.

My soulmate once told me, I will either be your blessing or a lesson. You are both. Your lesson was that no matter what happens, I am smart enough to stand up and stay strong. You are also my blessing because you showed me that dreams can come true if I only believe in myself.

I am here because I have something to share with this world and also because of my soulmate.

Why are you here?



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Zee & Doha Coffee

Finding good coffee in Doha can be pretty challenging. It. Is. Not. Dubai.

If I had a Riyal (Doha’s currency) for every time someone told me “Doha is not Dubai”, I would easily have ten thousand riyals extra in my bank. I can’t say millionaire because I don’t know a million people obviously 🙂

Doha has changed dramatically during the last 10 years; including the coffee chains.

As a coffee addict, I have found 5 places in Doha that make the best coffee! (Starbucks is NOT included).

  • Tim Hortons 

They have the best iced coffee ever! How do I know? Well, I have this bad habit, I never finish my coffee. I keep drinking till I feel the kick then stop. However, with Tim’s (yeah that’s my nickname for it), I can go all the way to the bottom. Secret? Never with whipped cream and with an extra shot of espresso. Even their food is really good but that’s for another time.

  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I always like to test out different drinks at a coffee shop. But with CBTL, it was never the case. Black Forest & always Black Forest. What’s so special about it is the real coffee beans blended with real pieces of cherry. Fruity and strong. It never needs an extra shot. Well, sometimes.

This place personally holds a special place in my heart 🙂 & that’s not for sharing.
  • Columbus
Mocha Percolate. Mocha Percolate. Mocha Percolate. I remember the first time I bought that with my cousin. Our simultaneous reaction was: WOW. sweet & strong! I always order mine with extra shot as well.
  • Caribou

Their cold drinks can be very sweet which is perfect for those days when you’re craving sugar. I can really vouch for their Berry White Mocha with extra shot no cream. Really Really good.

Keep in mind that their sizes are big compared to other coffee shops.
As for their hot drinks, I like all of them. I always order the one with mint; also with an extra shot 🙂
and finally,
  • Coffee Beanery
It is not very popular in Doha; however, I am lucky that we have a branch at my work place.
All their drinks are really good. What makes this place extra special?
THEY CREATED A DRINK AFTER ME. I mean, how cool is that?
Here is the story:
I always like to have my coffee black early in the morning. & I always need a kick of sweetness with it. Black coffee and sugar tastes really awful to me. So, I created my own signature drink. Black coffee with a shot of chocolate syrup! I remember the first time I ordered that at work, all the baristas preparing coffee for other staff members stopped and looked at me & I just laughed and said, yes that will be me for the next few years!
The next day, one barista told me we really liked your combination and we’re naming it Black Magic. Black for the coffee, and magic for me 🙂 🙂 Ps. That is not the first time someone calls me magic!
Until next time!